Founded in 2019, our mission is to help you organize your digital photos and create custom photo books so you can share your memories now and with future generations.

M4G was inspired by my mom, who loves taking and sharing photos, but for the last decade has left them stored in her phone by the thousands! When she wanted to share a photo she had to swipe up through the never-ending feed to find just one but often gave up before we even saw it! Try looking at over a thousand pictures from a European vacation on a tiny little screen when a button is accidentally pushed, the phone rings or even times out… we’ve all been there!

So, I started to teach my mom how to organize her digital photos and use her phone more efficiently. We were then able to take her organized photos and create hard cover custom photo books for vacations, special events and even a year’s worth of memories. My mom can now share memories with friends and family without huddling around her tiny little smart phone. She also has a tangible book of memories she can look back on twenty years down the road without needing her phone, Facebook or Instagram account!

We started sharing her photo books and what we were doing and the feedback was astounding! It turns out in this digital age most people have thousands of photos on their phones but don’t do much with them other than post to social media, if that!

So, I decided to combine all the things I love… teaching, technology, photos and organizing and start Memories for Generations as a way to help people organize their digital photos and create custom photo books they can share now and in the future!

Melissa Foote

Founder, CEO & Professional Digital Photo Organizer

🦸‍♀️Wife & mother of 3 boys & a puppy 📷 Crazy picture lady 💻 Technology lover 📚 Teacher for 18 years 🏃‍♀️Runner  ✈️Traveler 🦋Social Butterfly

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